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I was on the road several days last week, and I ended up eating a lot of not-so-great meals, as well as some surprisingly good meals. Some days I decided to just hold myself over on a granola bar and juice for lunch until I got home, and some days I stopped at a Subway for a veggie delite and chips. There wasn’t much choice other than that, sadly! I did, however, find a Mongolian BBQ place that was great! I ate there twice last week. You load up a bowl with whatever veggies and noodles you want, choose your own cooking oils/sauces, and they cook it for you on the grill. They even had tofu! Some vegetarians and vegans, I’m sure, would object to eating food that’s cooked on the same grill as meat (and I usually would feel that way too), but this was something I was willing to live with, at least this time. They kept the grill clean in between uses, and at least I knew exactly what was in my meal.

Another story entirely is my experience driving. I drove on Highway 99 several hours, and it was so incredibly sad. I called Scott several times, in tears; there were cattle feed lots all along the highway. I constantly passed trucks carrying cows, and also saw the empty trucks returning. There’s just no way to be happy when you see that. Scott comforted me by reminding me that I’m doing my part by being vegan, and that he hasn’t eaten beef in over a month now (ever since he saw the videos of mistreatment of cows on the news recently). I know that animals are used for food, and I know that I’m taking my stand against it by being vegan, but it still makes me so sad when I see the animals in trucks. I think that if more people saw the animals before they reach their plates, they would think twice about eating meat.

But, anyways, I made myself a light, yummy lunch yesterday. I had a marinated mushroom and radish sprout sandwich on ciabatta bread, with vegenaise, lightly fried in walnut oil. I also had a smoothie with a banana, strawberries, cherries, hemp-seed milk, pineapple-coconut juice, and 2 kale leaves. It was delicious!

Then, I took some time yesterday afternoon to take some pictures of the flowers in my yard. Appreciating nature helped me feel better after my sad experiences on the road last week! Here is a hollyhock that is finally blooming! I planted a bunch of seeds indoors about a year and a half ago, and then transplanted the plants into the yard last summer, and they are finally blooming! This one is about four and a half feet tall! I love the colors!

A flowering tree:

And, this is my favorite– the orange tree! You can see the little tiny oranges starting to form where the flowers were. So neat!


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