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I’m Katie, and I’ve been a vegan for about five months now! I love being vegan; it’s wonderful! A little bit about me: I grew up lacto-ovo vegetarian, since my parents were (at the time) in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, which has a wonderful emphasis on health and vegetarianism. I’m very grateful for that vegetarian upbringing; I feel like it taught me compassion towards animals and conscientiousness towards a healthy lifestyle in general.

My parents left the Seventh Day Adventist Church when I was a teenager, and hence we started eating meat. Sadly, my very first experience with meat was a filet-o-fish sandwich at a certain worldwide fast-food chain!! Needless to say I was disgusted, but ended up being an omnivore until college. I briefly became vegetarian again in college, but that didn’t last.

I married a wonderful man (Scott) whose father, ironically, had a long career in the poultry industry before becoming a preacher. Anyways, long story short, I decided in November 2006 to return to my vegetarian roots. I felt much better in general (health-wise and conscience-wise) being vegetarian. I strongly care about animals, and it really pains me to think of animals being used for food.

I’ve been vegan now since October 2007 (five months!), and I love it!! I lost several pounds of extra weight (without trying) that I’d half-heartedly been trying to lose for the last few years. I’m now back to my ideal weight, and I feel great! Also, I feel much more at peace as a person. I am, to the best of my ability, trying to live a peaceful life, and not harming any animals by the choices I make of what to eat and wear. And it amazes me how quickly (in just five months) being vegan has became a vital part of my identity. I feel like this is one of the main things that defines me, in a way!

I’ve really enjoyed finding wonderful new vegan recipes, buying new vegan cookbooks, and adapting some of my old favorite recipes. My husband still eats meat, but I respect his choice. I believe each person has to make their own decisions for their own reasons, and he respects my choice to be vegan, so I respect his choice too. He actually doesn’t eat meat as much as he used to now, and I still (secretly!) harbor hopes that he will eventually become vegetarian, if not vegan. But in the meantime, we have found wonderful ways of compromising on food, and continually enjoy many delicious meals together!

On this blog, I hope to share a little about myself, lots of pictures of food, and some recipes. Maybe some thoughts on life in general also.


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